As lead content writer with Parliament’s Education Service I collaborated with a talented team to create a multi-award winning online game for teaching political literacy in the classroom.

Winner, secondary digital content, 2011 BETT Awards
Gold winner, best learning game, 2011 E-learning Awards
Grand Prix winner & Best public sector project, 2010 Big Chip Awards
Employ digital gaming to show 11-16 year olds what it’s like to be a Member of Parliament.
Working with our design agency RM Lightbox Education and senior producer Peter Stidwill, I was content lead for the project.
I researched, wrote and structured content for all of MP For A Week's mini-games. Each was differentiated for multiple modes (easy, medium, hard).
I also devised the story world in which the mini-games are wrapped, to give players a sense of familiarity and to reinforce learning.
Diverse content needs meant I drew on a range of approaches including story design, speechwriting, news writing and choose your own adventure dilemmas.
Players prioritise among meetings and must decide how to resolve issues.
As a backbench MP, players must decide how to vote on government bills. 
Each decision and action affects how a player's party, constituents and the media view them. Players try to 'survive' the week without losing the support of any one group.
Players choose how to press ministers on particular issues.

As a backbench MP, you have more demands on your time than you can satisfy. You must choose.

‘MP For A Week is brilliant and most definitely the best internet resource for Citizenship out there.’
Billy Crombie, education consultant
Praise from Lord David Puttnam.

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