PowerPoint interactives, teachers’ notes and student worksheets
Clients: Historic Royal Palaces and Royal Mint Museum
Illustration: Tim Archbold
Curator: Megan Gooch
Content & design: Joshua Rice
The Tower of London’s Coins & Kings exhibition explores the history of the Royal Mint at the Tower. It’s an eventful and interesting history that – perhaps surprisingly – features its fair share of drama and intrigue.
Provide KS2 and KS3 teachers and students with engaging, curriculum-relevant stories and learning activities that draw on the history of the Royal Mint at the Tower of London.
Given budget and time constraints, the HRP/RMM team were clear about what they wanted: a suite of downloadable classroom resources for pre- and post-visit activities, as well as a guide for visiting the exhibition on-site.
I worked closely with the Tower’s curator and learning officers from HRP and RMM to sketch out content and activities that drew inspiration and context from the Royal Mint’s history.
Original illustration was also commissioned from Tim Archbold.
Useful stimulus, not rigid plans
I researched, wrote and designed nine resource packs to support:
-- KS2 creative writing, art & design, history
-- KS3 history covering: the reigns of Edward I and Elizabeth I; propaganda and the Civil Wars; images of monarchs from 1500-1750.
The PowerPoint interactives are colourful, visual and carefully designed for use in a whole-class setting.
Each resource includes a variety of stimulus and formats – such as interactives, quizzes, stories and mini-tasks – for teachers to tailor and fashion into a personalised lesson.
Teachers’ notes for each resource provide likely learning outcomes and suggestions to inspire teachers’ thinking.
Infographic-style background notes on the history of coins and the Mint give teachers the background knowledge they need in a clear and engaging format.
Imagery was courtesy of the Royal Mint MuseumBritish Museum and National Portrait Gallery.

The Coins & Kings schools resources can be found with the Tower of London’s learning resources​​​​​​​
(Scroll down the page to the heading: Coins & Kings.)
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